As we get older it seems to get easier to just let things sit the same way and not look for doing much.. especially on websites like this one.  While moving the site to it new home see previous article I noticed a number of things, mostly little things that needed to be done, redone or just finally finished.. and so we did most of those now, and the list of the improvements is almost done. The site will look a bit different, hopefully better and should be a bit cleaner looking too.  Feel free to comment and let us know if you like it or not - we do appreciate your input. 

     As we found a bit more music to squeeze in, we have done most of that while updating so don't be surprised if you hear some different oldies. Enjoy!!  As we head toward April and will be finishing our 3rd year online, we want to be the best little oldies station we can be!  

We are moving our station to a new hosting provider. Clipart of a Server Cabinet by the World

For those who are not familiar with that - a hosting provider is a larger set of servers that hold the programs and files that make up a website, and feed them to you when you click on them. There is more to it - but the basics are all we need to explain this.   We have been using a firm that I have used on all my websites for around 16 years, and up until lately they were fairly solid and reasonable with their costs. Recently they changed their name and possibly have changed owners. I have been working with them for over a month on a minor item that needed a click on their end to fix, but getting tired of the support emails running in circles and them taking up to a week to answer. I felt that their new level of performance and support tells me we need to move to another firm who want to try harder.

    The Marcels were an American doo-wop group from the early 1960's and were well-known for turning popular music songs into rock and roll. The group formed in 1959 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania which is also a bit out of the usual in an era of Motown, Hollywood and New York artists dominating the pop music scene.

    They were lead singer Cornelius Harp, bass Fred Johnson, Gene Bricker, Ron Mundy, and Richard Knauss. Fred Johnson's little sister Priscilla gave the group its name, whic andh was named after a popular hair style of the day, the marcel wave. They signed to Colpix Records. It is interesting to note they were a mixed group - and that was not very common in that time period - but definately worked out well for them. We have not any information on what happened to them later but are glad to have some of their work here to share with you.

We remember them best for their vesion of "BLUE MOON" which you will hear here on